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  • Infinite Campus Logo. Campus Student. Hall County School District. Single Sign-On (SSO). or. Student Username (Required). Password (Required) Show. Forgot ...

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2. Parents & Students - Infinite Campus

  • This search provides links to your district's Infinite Campus login pages. District Name. State.

  • To ensure your privacy, Infinite Campus does not have your username or password information. This search provides links to your district’s Infinite Campus login pages.

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4. Infinite Campus - Oconee County Schools

  • Infinite Campus is the new student information system for Oconee County Schools. Transportation, grades, attendance, and other information will now be ...

  • Infinite Campus is the new student information system for Oconee County Schools. Transportation, grades, attendance, and other information will now be accessible through the Infinite Campus Portal. An app is available for both Android and Apple devices. Parents and students can find additional details below on the Infinite Campus Portal.  Student Access to the Portal Parent Access to the Portal Portal Resources For information on downloading the Here Comes The Bus app, please visit our transportation page.

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6. Pulaski County - Campus Student

  • Infinite Campus Mobile Portal Is Available! Campus Student and Campus Parent ... © 2003-2024 Infinite Campus, Inc. | Version:Campus ...

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7. Hall County School Reading Rocket Bus - Atlanta Botanical Garden

  • 15 jun 2022 · Hall County students can receive a discounted ticket with proof of ID through their printed or digital Infinite Campus ID card. The Reading ...

  • This amazing converted bus offers free books to children of all ages. It encourages a lifelong love of reading. Hall County students can receive a discounted ticket with proof of […]

8. Education | Hall County, GA - Official Website

  • Through its Academy for secondary students, Women's College and Evening and Weekend College at Brenau's 50-acre main campus, along with satellite programs in ...

  • Read about the centers of education within Hall County.

9. Hall County Schools (2) - Applicant Tracking | Frontline Education

  • Use school-related computer software and applications such as Infinite Campus, Google Drive, and Microsoft Office (Word & Power Point) ... Hall County Schools ...

  • Frontline Recruiting and Hiring, Applicant Tracking for Educators. Online Job Employment Applications, Web Based Employment Applications for School Districts and Educational Institutions.

10. First Time Infinite Campus Login Steps - Houston County Schools

  • The Houston County School District uses Infinite Campus as their Student Information System. As parents of high school and middle school students, ...

  • The Houston County School District uses Infinite Campus as their Student Information System.  As parents of high school and middle school students, you will be able to view your child’s grades, attendance, and messages from the teacher and school. Parents of elementary age students can view attendance and gain access to the SLDS.  

Infinite Campus Hall County (2024)


What are the passwords for Infinite Campus? ›

In order to access your student Infinite Campus account for the first time, you will use your student number (either 8-digit or 10-digit). The student number is your username and doesn't change. The default password is your ​lower case initials​(first name, last name) ​and​your​ 6-digit​birthdate (all numbers).

Does CSN use Infinite Campus? ›

Home - Infinite Campus - College of Southern Nevada High School. To help you more effectively monitor the progress of your child, the Clark County School District provides a web based system.

How do you read grades on Infinite Campus? ›

If you have more than one student in your account, select a student using the drop-down list at the top of the screen. Click the “Grades” link in the left menu. You will see your child's grades listed here. IMPORTANT: Grades highlighted in YELLOW in example image below are the current, up-to-date averages.

What is the universal password? ›

Universal Password synchronizes the various passwords (Universal, NDS, Simple, and Distribution) stored in the Identity Vault and provides password policies that define the rules for creating and replacing passwords in the Identity Vault.

How to see GPA on Infinite Campus? ›

Infinite Campus is now displaying grade summaries in the “Grades” menu option. If you select “S1,” you can see both “Term GPA (weighted)” as well as “Cumulative GPA (weighted).” As of right now, the only accurate calculation is for “Term GPA (weighted).” Please disregard the “Cumulative GPA (weighted).”

Is getting ad passing in College? ›

At most schools, a D is the lowest passing grade. That means students who earn a D or higher receive credit for the course. However, some schools set special policies around D grades. For example, at Lehigh, a D counts as a passing grade but does not meet prerequisite requirements.

What are the GPA requirements for CSN? ›

Register at CSN in a full course of study to work on campus during fall and spring semesters. Maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0.

Who is the owner of Infinite Campus? ›

With a vision for the future, our success speaks through our corporate stability, continuous innovation and outstanding customer service and support. Dedicated to our company's mission of Transforming K12 Education®, Charlie Kratsch, Founder and CEO, has led the company since its beginning in 1993.

What does the red arrow mean on Infinite Campus? ›

Using your Infinite Campus Planner

If you notice the red arrows, they point to My Curriculum in the top left corner and Day in the right corner. This gives you the easiest view of your planner.

How do you post pass fail grades on Infinite Campus? ›

In each students' row, there is a drop-down menu in that column. Simply click the drop-down menu and select the grade that matches the In-Progress grade you see to the right. Enter the grades for all the students in that section. Then click the “Save” button in the upper left corner of the window.

What does it mean when a grade is dropped in Infinite Campus? ›

“Dr” – Dropped - Dropped identifies this assignment as being able to be dropped from the student's grade calculation. Campus will drop the lowest score of all assignments marked as "dropped" within an assignment category.

How do I find my Infinite Campus activation key? ›

Activate your Campus Portal account by entering the activation key sent to you by your district. If you do not have an activation key, please visit the Parent Portal Activation Key Lookup page. You will need: Your child's Student Number (It can be found on your student's report card or transcript.)

How do I reset my CCSD password? ›

To reset and/or change your password, go to CCSD uses Active Directory (AD) to manage the account you use to login to school district computers and applications.

Can you add a nickname on Infinite Campus? ›

Infinite Campus Nickname: Infinite Campus allows for a nickname to be entered. This will allow those with access to see the preferred name listed on the student's face sheet. However, the name will not populate on any other system or documentation.

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