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Who is Ninja?

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Early life

Tyler Ninja Blevins was born as “Richard Tyler Blevins” on June 05, 1991, in Detroit, Michigan USA to parents Chuck and Cynthia Blevins (both of Welsh descent). He grew up in the Chicago suburbs and went into Grayslake Central High School where he played soccer for some time. His father, Chuck, was the one who exposed him to online gaming at a young age and being interested in such, Tyler Ninja Blevins started playing games in tournaments and signed up for professional teams while in college.

Love and Marriage

Ninja married his long-term partner Jessica Goch in 2017. He’s so protective of his wife-turned-manager that he doesn’t stream with women (unless they’re streaming as a group) to avoid rumors from spreading.

Streaming Career

Before becoming a Twitch superstar, Ninja started streaming in 2017 on his YouTube Channel playing H1Z1 and PUBG. Like any other online streamer, he also started small. But with his professional skills and persistence, it wasn’t long before he got his name recognized and made money doing so. In 2018, he became the most followed streamer on Twitch and even set a world record of most-watched live stream views.

Aside from Twitch, he also streams online via YouTube and Facebook Gaming.

Epic Games that Ninja Plays

Although Ninja Blevins is a famous gamer that is primarily known for his Fortnite Battle Royale Twitch stream, he is also a popular streamer known for playing games of many sorts other than Fortnite. Here’s a list of games that Ninja plays:

  • Fortnite Battle Royale (Epic Games)
  • Apex Legends (Electronic Arts)
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG)
  • H1Z1
  • Valorant
  • League of Legends
  • Final Fantasy XI Online
  • Halo
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

In his gaming career, Ninja played for a couple of professional teams and organizations including Final Boss (in the early part of his career around 2011), TL, Renegades, Cloud9, and Evil Geniuses. Afterward, he joined Luminosity Gaming in 2017 playing Halo, H1Z1, and PUBG wherein he won at the latter’s GamesCon Invitational Squads classification in the same year.

Playing Fortnite with Team Liquid

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Ninja started playing Fortnite back in 2017. Many mistakenly thought that his time with Team Liquid was his prime. However, it wasn’t until he played with famous rappers Drake and Travis Scott, and American football professional player Juju Smith Schuster in March 2018 that made his debut with a record of the largest viewed concurrent Twitch stream with 635,000 views. During this time, he was already a part of Luminosity Gaming. Following this world record, he amazingly beat his own record in April 2018 with over 667,000 views during his live game stream on Ninja Vegas 2018.

From being a professional Halo player, and now, allegedly the most famous gamer of Fortnite, Ninja has now become a celebrated internet personality and an influencer in the gaming world.

Game Awards

Fornite was really the golden ticket for Ninja’s rise to fame. In fact, this game received quite a number of awards; and for Ninja, it helped him gain a lot of recognition in the industry. Some of the Awards he garnered include the following:

  • Streamy Awards (2018) – he won the Gaming, and Live Streamer Awards respectively;
  • Esports Awards (2018) – Esports Personality of the Year;
  • The Game Awards 2018 – Content Creator of the Year;
  • Shorty Awards (2019) – Twitch Streamer of the Year; and
  • Streamy Awards (2019) – Live Streamer

Charity Works

Ninja net worth – while his money is relatively a ballpark figure, he doesn’t forget to give back to those who are in need. Even with his growing fame, Ninja uses this opportunity to raise money and awareness for charity works and aids them in building their communities.

For a single stream, he was able to raise an enormous amount of $325,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It only proves that Ninja is a great deal and he’s someone to be reckoned with in the industry. Some of his charity works also include MrBeast’s Team Trees Campaign, Wounded Warriors Project, and Feeding America.

Ninja Net Worth – How They Made Money

Online gamer-streamers earn money mostly through gaming, live streaming, paid subscriptions, sponsorships, and donations. No one really knows the exact figures of Ninja’s net worth, but judging from the revenue streams he earns from different streaming platforms, it is without a doubt that Ninja’s net worth is top-grossing.

How Much Does Ninja Earn From Twitch?

In one of his television interviews, Ninja revealed that he earns roughly around $500,000 a month from his Twitch subscribers (excluding the donations he receives during live streams). In fact, once during a live stream, he received an anonymous donation of $40,000. This steady income from Twitch streams contributed a lot to his big net worth.

Twitch Tracker Stats

Here’s an overview of Ninja’s current and updated Twitch Tracker Stats:

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The Microsoft Mixer Deal

In 2019, Microsoft offered him a lucrative deal to be exclusive on Mixer. Again, no one knows the exact amount, but sources say it plays around $20-30 million. With a huge amount like that, Ninja signed with Microsoft and decided to leave Twitch on a whim.

However, he returned to Twitch after Microsoft Mixer’s defunct service shut down in mid-2020. It was said that he took a $17 million payout to walk away after Mixer’s shutdown. Shortly after that, Ninja opted to stream at his YouTube Channel before returning to Twitch where he recently signed a multi-year exclusive contract on the Amazon-owned company until the present date. With the contract he has right now, he won’t be able to leave Twitch so easily anymore–so it looks like he will be around for quite a long time.

How Much Does Ninja Get From YouTube?

Just like how most streaming sites work, Ninja earns from YouTube through stream views from his subscribers, and from other paid subscriptions. Taking into account his 24-million subscribers and more than 2-billion (in total) views in his entire channel, it’s very likely that he’s earned around $6-8 million on YouTube alone, from 2011-2022.

TeamNinja Merch

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Aside from earning through Twitch and YouTube, Tyler also makes money through his own online business of customized apparel, mostly made for gamers. You can visit the official Team Ninja website for online purchases at

He also tried other ventures like publishing a book. He released one called “Get Good: My Ultimate Guide to Gaming” shortly after rising to stardom. Aside from that, he also makes money from selling his own line of Ninja cool toys (as shown in the photo below).

Who Sponsors Ninja?

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Epic Games paid tribute to Ninja by releasing his very own skin in Fortnite.

Ninja’s net worth skyrocketed in just a couple of years through various sponsorship deals aside from earning through revenue streams (which has been a source of stable income for Tyler). For example, a single contract with Electronic Arts to advertise and stream Apex Legends gave him a $1 million easy payout. Some of the well-known brand deals he had include Uber Eats, and Red Bull; as well as Funko, and Wicked Cool Toys, for his Fortnite Ninja skin. His contract with Red Bull also paved a way for more top-tier brand deals including Adidas.

Ninja’s Net Worth being off the Charts

The $17-million-payout he received from Mixer is one thing, and the steady income he has on his affiliated streaming sites is another. It’s no wonder that his Uber Eats promo lasted only for hours and got sold out so fast.

National TV and Movie Appearances

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As a celebrated internet personality, Ninja also appeared on National TV a couple of times and participated in various films. His family joined Family Feud in 2015 and returned in 2018 on Celebrity Family Feud (after his rise to stardom).

He also guested in The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and even joined as a contestant in The Masked Singer in 2015. He was the masked singer with an Ice Cream costume which was surprising for many who didn’t know he could actually sing.

In recent events, he has a cameo appearance on Free Guy, together with fellow gamer-streamers Pokimane and Jacksepticeye, which aired in 2021 in some countries.

Latest News

Ninja is game for 2022! This is his latest setup which he posted recently on his Instagram account and Facebook Official Page that made his avid fans psyched and excited.


Being a gamer and an online streamer is not something to be looked down on, especially if it is your passion. Your early life background doesn’t matter, and you can even start at a young age if you like. No matter what, it is always worth a try to pursue your dreams and make a career out of them. And when you succeed, you can live to the fullest–and happiest!

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Ninja Net Worth, Facts, And Stats - StreamScheme (2024)
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